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Prime Coat Coating Systems recognizes the significant role the science of floor hygiene plays in the food processing and food service industry. Food regulatory agencies require strict guidelines for sterility and food safety. Prime Coat engineers have developed 100% solids, epoxy seamless systems and multi-layered chemical resistant polymer floor systems to meet those requirements. Our products have been developed to aid in the resistance of food-borne pathogens and contaminants, maximizing your investments toward a safe, sanitary and sustainable working environment.

• Durability – Our systems are designed for heavy traffic, thermal fluctuations, and repeated cleaning and sanitizing.

• Safety – There is a balance between health safety and ease of sanitation; a rougher floor is harder to keep clean, yet safer for the employee. By designing the right blend of anti-skid and microbe formation resistant components, Prime Coat Coatings’ patented seamless systems can maximize a safe working environment and cleanability.

• Low Maintenance – Our systems support the concerns for stringent safety, are easy to clean, and minimize associated overhead costs.

• Aesthetic Properties – Positive image is as crucial as the representation of the food. Our unique systems offer variable design elements with an equally “trim” price.

Applications Gold Floors Silver Floors Gold Walls Silver Walls Gold Seamless Silver Seamless
Bar Areas 2611 1610 2601
Dining Areas 3115 1610
Food Prep Areas 3410 2410 1200
Freezers/Refrigeration 3410 2410 1200 1400
Kitchen 3410 1100
Rest Rooms 2611 1610 2601
Packaging Area 1110 1200
Processing Area 3410 1200
Traffic Aisles 3410 2410 1100

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