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Hospitality & Entertainment

Prime Coat manufactures and installs high quality polymer systems that are durable, and low maintenance. We have developed proven systems that overcome the challenges of hospitality and entertainment facilities across America.

  • Durability – Our systems hold up to vandalism, heavy traffic, repeated cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Safety – We can customize our floors with non-slip properties and all of our systems are seamless and pinhole free with optional anti-microbial properties.
  • Low Maintenance – Our systems are easy to clean, never need waxing, and lower your overhead costs.
  • Decorative – While you are keeping up with trending healthy lifestyles, our unique systems offer variable design elements at an equally “trim” price.

ApplicationsGold FloorsSilver FloorsGold WallsSilver WallsGold SeamlessSilver Seamless
Charging Stations2111111026032602
Concession Areas4615461446021100
Concourse Area4614461326031100
Dining Areas3115261126032602
Loading Docks3410211026032601
Locker Rooms2611211046021100
Mechanical Rooms2110111026021100
Rest Rooms2611161026012602
Retail Areas3115161026012602
Waiting Areas3113261126021100
Parking Garages4615461414001100

Contact your personal Prime Coat Consultant to discuss your facility and ask for a full list of references.