World’s First Polymer Coatings Display

//World’s First Polymer Coatings Display

World’s First Polymer Coatings Display

Designed for customers, architects and engineers alike, the polymer coatings display is the first of its kind in showcasing polymer floor, wall and specialty coating systems. Over the years, customers have had a hard time grasping all the polymer coating systems available to them – let alone feel the products. Prime Coat has found a way to not only showcase their systems, but offer self-guided, hands-on tours.

On January 2, 2012 Prime Coat Coating Systems (PCCS) once again, introduced a beneficial solution to the coatings industry with the opening of the Polymer Coatings Interactive Exposition (Expo). The Expo, which covers an area of more than 3,000 square feet, allows for an interactive and self-guided presentation. By using state of the art technology via the iPhone or iPad interfaces, the vast array of 43 fully installed systems are highlighted using computerized lights, sounds and effects. Prime Coat President, Chris O’Brien states, “This new Exposition is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for understanding the installation and specification for each unique Prime Coat Coating System. And, it offers a hands-on approach to how Polymer Coating systems solves the problems of all types of customers”. Prime Coat firmly believes in the importance of creating an invaluable tool, offering each visitor the opportunity to touch, see and learn how individual systems have their own unique purpose and solving unique problems.

As visitors navigate through the Expo, systems are easily viewed in a comfortable and convenient setting, allowing them the ability to see each system in an application setting that better demonstrates the purpose of each system. Have you ever stepped inside a prison cell? Trussbilt, Prime Coat’s partner in the correctional industry, provided Prime Coat with a two-man fully-functioning prison cell for their Exposition. The compelling presentation highlights the TrussWall cell panel system and their integrated cell furniture – as well as the use of Prime Coat’s coating systems for the cell seams, walls, floors and door. O’Brien comments, “I encourage all visitors to step inside the jail cell. It’s an eye opening experience – yet, the Expo provides the opportunity to highlight how the Prime Coat Coating Systems delivers long life solutions in difficult correctional environments.”

Well known for their Seamless System, Prime Coat is able to showcase their patented shower system with a functioning shower, allowing viewers to see the benefits of the fiber reinforced shower lining. The Seamless System, which is designed to provide the strength and extreme durability in areas that are exposed to thermal, chemical and physical exposure, has been accepted as the standard for new and retrofit shower applications. Mike Ballou, Vice President states, “The fact that Prime Coat is both manufacturer and installer of our systems, has allowed us to adapt quickly to the demands of the industries we serve”.

Upon completing the tour of the Expositions, visitors can then continue to our multi-media training center for in-depth information and a tour of our research & development and manufacturing facilities. Prime Coat not only teaches their employees about their systems, they also take the time to teach their customers. If you are interested in scheduling a visit to the Exposition please contact us

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