Why Industrial Architects Specify Prime Coat

//Why Industrial Architects Specify Prime Coat

Why Industrial Architects Specify Prime Coat

Richard is an Industrial Architect Designing
a Heavy-Duty Factory

An important aspect of architectural design is ensuring the finished result accommodates its intended purpose. With a project as demanding as a fast-paced, industrial manufacturing facility, Richard has a lot to consider.

Choosing the right materials for all aspects of any flooring and wall design is no easy feat. Richard needs something that can handle impacts, hold up under heavy-weight forklifts, and meet waterproof requirements. Although coatings are limited that can match all these conditions, Prime Coat rises above and beyond with their industrial-grade coating solutions.

Richard chooses Prime Coat’s Prime Armor 3110 coating. Designed specifically to protect concrete floors in the toughest environments, Prime Armor 3110 fulfills all of Richard’s needs and more! Not only is this coating abrasion-resistant and waterproof, but it’s also backed by Prime Coat’s Warranty and Guarantee, ensuring satisfaction with superior results.

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