Why Architects Love Prime Coat

//Why Architects Love Prime Coat

Why Architects Love Prime Coat

Ann is a Senior Building Architect working on an exciting new project…

As an architect, her goal is to create buildings that not only look amazing, but also ensure these beautiful spaces are long-lasting and optimized for their specific use. Ann’s latest project is designing a new lunchroom for a community college. When creating such a space, there’s a lot of things she needs to consider.
To ensure the longevity of this new lunchroom, Ann needs to carefully choose which floor and wall coatings will be used. She needs a coating that can handle the high traffic of the lunchroom, is resistant to discoloration and staining from food spills, can be easily cleaned to keep maintenance costs low, and, most importantly, looks great enough to wow her client. Luckily, Ann has found a coatings provider that fulfills all these requirements, and more!

Prime Coat provides Ann with the engineered solution she needs. Prime Coat’s Prime Guard 1610 coating is durable, long lasting floor finish. This coating is meticulously designed to be non-slip and anti-microbial, keeping the cafeteria safe and clean! In the unlikely event of a problem, Prime Coat’s Warranty and Guarantee ensures that you’ll be satisfied with the finished project. Additionally, this coating features a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic materials to deliver the look of stone, shattered glass, hammered metal or marble to fit any desired aesthetic.

For over 30 years, Prime Coat has been the go-to provider of coatings for thousands of architects like Ann. We strive to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. When choosing a coatings provider for your architectural project, remember to specify Prime Coat!

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