What is Micro-Guard™?

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What is Micro-Guard™?

What is Micro-Guard™?

Prime Coat Coating Systems offers their state-of-the-art Micro-Guard incorporated within their coatings. This is an ionic silver bound in an inorganic matrix and hinders microbial growth at an astounding rate.

How does Micro-Guard™ work?

Moisture provides the pathway to deliver silver ions to render all kinds of bacteria harmless in three different ways.

  • Attaches to the outer skin of the cell wall and cuts off oxygen supply, blocking the breathing of the cell.
  • Some ions penetrate the interior of the cell. This blocks the energy forming mechanism of the cell, which blocks the metabolic process and the bacteria cell dies.
  • Micro-Guard™ disrupts the propagation of the bacteria, which usually split and duplicate every 20 minutes. Since the silver ions are able to penetrate the bacteria during this period, the propagation is hindered and the bacteria cell dies.

Best of all, Micro-Guard™ is SAFE!

  • Safety: Low Toxicity, Long History of Use
  • EPA & FDA Registered for products in USA
  • Longevity (accelerated testing shows 3-7 years)
  • Compounded throughout the material
  • Elutes gradually and continuously
  • Adequate reservoir of silver at the surface level that does not require abrading to activate
  • Not affected by surface wear

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