The Best Waterproofing for Residential Bathroom Showers

//The Best Waterproofing for Residential Bathroom Showers

The Best Waterproofing for Residential Bathroom Showers

Waterproofing for Residential Bathroom

When you are installing a residential bathroom shower, one of the most damaging things you can forget is the waterproofing. If left untreated, most shower walls and shower floors will take on moisture that can damage the stability of the installation and lead to expensive problems later on. That’s why it is vital to choose a coating on shower system that keeps your shower walls and shower floors sealed away from water infiltration.

Fortunately, Primecoat offers some of the most trusted shower floor sealers and waterproof shower wall systems. With our patented waterproof coating, your shower floors and shower walls can eliminate excess moisture, keeping the underlying substrate dry and durable for years to come.

Waterproofing for Shower Walls – Prime Guard 1200 and Prime Guard 1201

When you’re looking for the most durable bathroom shower walls, you need a waterproof coating system that will quickly and safely adhere to the wall surface and eliminate all pockets where water could hide. Prime Guard 1200 is a Kevlar and fiber-reinforced solutions specifically designed for installation over concrete, block or gypsum shower walls. Prime Guard 1201 is also designed specifically to waterproof shower walls, although it’s milled strand composition makes it a smoother choice than Prime Guard 1200. They are two of the top choices for architects and builders around the world when it comes to protecting bathroom shower walls from water damage.

Shower Floor Coatings and Coating on Shower System – Seamless 5130

Although you can purchase a shower floor sealer or shower floor coating separately at a local hardware store, the safest way of waterproofing a floor is with a full waterproof coating on shower system. Where a shower floor sealer or shower floor coating simply covers the existing substrate to the wall (and sometimes up a few inches), a complete waterproof coating on shower system connects the flooring with the wall for a smooth, seamless finish.

The Seamless 5130 coating on waterproof shower system manages to replace both shower floor sealer and shower floor coatings, in addition to providing unparalleled protection to the shower walls and shower ceiling. Applied in one continuous layer, there are no nooks and crannies for bacteria to congregate, which keeps substrate safe from water damage. It is one of the most popular solutions for interior shower finishes, and is used in industrial and educational facilities around North America.

Why Choose Primecoat for Residential Showers?

Primecoat has a history of designing and installing the most trusted waterproof coating on shower systems, including shower floors, shower walls and shower ceilings. With us, you can be sure that your shower project is protected from mold, mildew and rot through our patented seamless products and wall systems.

Find out more about how your residential bathroom shower walls, floors and ceilings can benefit from a custom Primecoat installation!

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