Two architects are renovating older buildings on a university campus to meet the requirements of the university’s sustainability pledge.

Solutions for Retail & Grocery Stores

Discover how Prime Coat’s industrial-grade solutions rise to the challenge, ensuring durability and safety.

In this video we highlight our top systems for showers and kitchens. These systems are Seamless 5130, Prime Cast 2410, and Prime Guard 1400.

Project Spotlight: Behavioral Health Institutions

Prime Coat Coating Systems knows that you need durable but aesthetically pleasing floor, wall, and ceiling solutions that are made of the highest quality raw materials with antimicrobial properties.

In this video, get a quick glance of what Prime Coat can do for you!

Prime Coat | Shower System 5130 Overview

In this video, you will learn more about the Prime Coat shower system 5130

Prime Coat | Project Spotlight Institutional Healthcare

In this Project Spotlight video, you’ll learn about how we can impact the institutional healthcare industry with multiple different products of ours.

In this video we give a quick overview of why YOU should get a visit from the Road Show!

In this video, we discuss the key advantages that Prime Coat Coating Systems offers.

What exactly is the Road Show? Watch our video to get some insights on Prime Coat’s unique traveling show!

Take an in-depth look at Prime Coat Coating System’s own Micro-Guard™ in this video.

Prime Coat Coating Systems completed this project for the Utah Men’s Mental Health Facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prime Coat systems were used to renovate showers, cells and holding areas, flooring and safety enclosures. Watch to learn more about the different types of systems used and the benefits of each one.

The Prime Coat worked directly with project architect, BWBR, to provide a specification meeting the durability and decorative needs of the Mayo Clinic.