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Seamless 5132

System Description

SEAMLESS SYSTEM 5132 is a revolutionary process for creating a high performance, yet decorative shower system. 5132 uses a combination of proprietary resinous materials to form a watertight, UV and abrasion resistant decorative shower enclosure.

Common Applications

The Seamless System is a patented process designed to go over almost any structural substrate. It is applied to walls, floors and ceilings as a single process. 5132 is designed specifically for showers and has set the standard for interior shower finishes in correctional, institutional and educational facilities across the United States and Canada.


The standard configuration for this system is a single color on all surfaces.
Use of multiple colors is an optional upgrade. For additional or custom system configurations, please contact your Prime Coat Consultant.


130 / Flake (1327, 1370, 1373) / 361

System Options

Cove Base: 2” Cant, 4” RR, 6” RR, 8” RR

Antimicrobial: Available

Waterproofing Membrane: Available

Prime Coat offers 3 categories of finish Textures. Texture A is our smoothest finish. Texture B is our mid-level slip resistant finish and Texture C is our highest level slip resistant finish. Custom textures can be engineered to meet specific design requirements. A mock up is recommended as the best way to ensure customer satisfaction

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