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Prime Cast 2601

System Description

PRIME CAST 2601 is a 1/16″ thick decorative flake wall coating system with a polyaspartic topcoat. Formulated for concrete, block, gypsum wall board, and many other standard building materials, 2601 offers an industrial strength multispecked finish system available in three sizes. The finish is not only industrial strength but is a decorative alternative to solid-colored wall coatings.

Common Applications

2601 is installed over most wall substrates. Specific applications include, but are not limited to:

  • healthcare and hospitals
  • school hallways and locker rooms
  • institutional and correctional corridors
  • vivariums and clean rooms


Please use the color chart below as reference for the colors available in this system. For additional or custom system configurations, please contact your Prime Coat Consultant.

Please Note: Online colors may vary depending on individual monitor settings. Contact your Prime Coat Consultant for color accurate swatches.


100 / 339 / 327 / 500

System Options

Cove Bases: Not Available
Antimicrobial: Available
Waterproofing Membrane: Available
Topcoats 511 / 512

Prime Coat offers 3 categories of finish textures.
Texture A is our smoothest finish. Texture B is our mid-level slip resistant finish, and Texture C is our highest level slip resistant finish. Custom textures can be engineered to meet specific design requirements. A mock up is recommended as the best way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Contact us to receive a printable PDF catalog version of this system for easy reference