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The highlight of our year has always been heading to trade shows and sharing the latest in Industrial Coating innovation. Because there are no trade shows this year, we’ve built a display on wheels to go around the country.

We want to pull into your parking lot and visit (safely).

Get the latest in what Industrial Coatings can do, straight from the experts.

  • 30+ Years of Business Experience
  • Innovators of High-Performance Coating Materials
  • Antimicrobial & Pathogen Resistant Coatings
  • Sound and Impact Absorbing Finishes
  • Patents for Materials, Process and Environmental Packaging
  • Coating Manufacture & Formula Designers
  • Regulatory and LEED
  • Life Cycle Cost Experts
  • Long-Term Solutions and 10/2 Prime Coat Warranty

Ask Us to review your projects and specs to uncover potential holes and liabilities. Learn ways to impress your clients and avoid costly changes. Coatings are complex and sensitive to minor environmental variations. Get it right the first time and protect your firm’s reputation.

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    Prime Coat Coating Systems manufactures and installs high performance polymer coating systems that beautify and protect facility floors, walls and other surfaces. If you are responsible for facility management, design or construction of facilities, Prime Coat is your partner for every aspect of the coating process.

    What’s a Road Show?

    Watch the video below to learn more!