The Prime Coat Difference

We’ve Developed a Single Source Methodology

Prime Coat is a single source provider of high-performance coating systems. Single source means we manufacture and install our products. By choosing a single source provider, you’re guaranteed satisfaction. You won’t need to worry about your vendors pointing fingers at each other.

It makes sense that there will be a higher quality result when you work with a single source provider like Prime Coat. Our value goes well beyond good communication and potential problem resolution. Who better to specify a coating system than a veteran team that solves real-world problems everyday? Who better to understand the best way to prepare a substrate than the company that manufactures the materials? And who better to guide the manufacturing of the polymers that will ultimately become your decorative and defensive coating system than the very company who will install and guarantee its performance? Start and end your project with the customer satisfaction specialists – Prime Coat Coating Systems, your single source for high-performance polymer coatings.

Why use Resinous Materials?

Most design professionals are taking advantage of opportunities to move away from traditional materials like carpet, ceramic, quarry tile, and vinyl. Instead, they prefer to specify resinous floor and wall systems. Here’s why

6 Steps to a Quality Resinous System:

Step One

Contact your personal Prime Coat consultant. Due to the multiple variables that can affect permanence and performance of your coating system, choosing the right polymer coating system is a complex decision. Our experience in all facets of the coatings industries will simplify the decision and save you time and money. We’re here to help from start to finish.

Step Two

Complete situation analysis. We work with you directly to understand the needs of your business or project. This partnership includes a thorough analysis of your unique project or design including your project timelines, performance requirements, impact on the facility, design expectations and budget constraints.
More about Consulting, Testing and Specifications

Step Three

Prepare the Substrate. A critical and often underestimated step is to correctly prepare the substrate for the new system.
More about Substrate Preparation

Step Four

Use the right component products. Prime Coat manufactures our own components to meet the highest standards of installation and service performance. By combining qualities of each component product, the Prime Coat system is engineered by our research team to maximize and deliver t the desired performance goals.
More about Manufacturing

Step Five

Install the system. We train our own employees to be the best installation professionals in the business.
More about System Installation

Step Six

Guarantee Your Satisfaction. Before the project is considered complete, by utilizing in-house quality control measures, we see to it that you are satisfied with every aspect of the job.
More about our Satisfaction Guarantee

Prime Coat is always looking for high-quality people. The foundation of Prime Coat Coating Systems’ ability to deliver customer satisfaction is our exceptional employees. We strongly believe in creating a positive work environment for our employees.
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