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Take the First Step

If you value representing a national brand and exclusivity in a territory, and if you’re a skilled, creative, loyal, and ethical flooring and specialty contractor take the first step and watch our video.

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Our Goals of Partnership

We are not interested in becoming the biggest, rather we want to:

  • Create a network of partners that seek to serve the customer with quality, integrity and enthusiasm, resulting in both short-term and long-term value for all partners
  • Share our knowledge, ideas, creations, materials, software and processes with others who realize the benefit of creating a network of like-minded businesses
  • Being transparent about risks, reward, ideas, profits, losses, chemistries, and solutions with a group of trusted partners
  • Bless our partners, employees and customers as we are blessed by God financially, spiritually and emotionally

What Prime Coat Will Provide Our Partners

  • Opportunities through our project specifications to secure large and profitable contracts to install our coating systems
  • Proven software to manage the sales process, perform accurate quotes and streamline the selling and material purchasing process
  • A territory where only they are licensed to purchase and install our coating solutions
  • Training on proprietary systems that open new avenues and revenues
  • Leads from our marketing efforts and customer base
  • 24-hour technical support from our team of NACE experts
  • Increased short and long-term profits as a result of growing a territory

What Prime Coat Expects From Its Partners (Alliances)

  • Honest feedback about product performance and areas where we can improve or innovate
  • Participation in our annual Alliance meeting
  • Expert installations of our products and systems following our published installation guidelines
  • Minimum annual purchasing levels as agreed to between Prime Coat and Alliance
  • Manage all Prime Coat sales leads and purchasing of Prime Coat products and systems through our software
  • Act as selling agent for the Prime Coat brand in assigned territory
  • Grow the Prime Coat brand as a business partner in assigned territory
  • Guarantee the Prime Coat systems and products have been installed following Prime Coat training guides and standards

Who is the Right Partner (Alliance) for Prime Coat?

The perfect fit for our Partnership Program resembles the description below:

  • Conducts business professionally
    • Pays all required taxes
    • Follows Local, State, and Federal laws
    • Pays workers as employees
    • Performs marketing and selling of their business and services
    • Not married to one brand for business leads
    • Values innovation and quality
    • Has an excellent reputation for consistently doing great work
  • Owns professional looking trucks, trailers and equipment
  • Provides benefits to employees that match closely with owners’ own benefits
  • Performs resinous flooring installation along with other types of preparation and coating application work to at least three markets
  • Has gross revenues of at least $2 million per year for the past two years with the ability to purchase a minimum of $300,000 from Prime Coat in year 1 with increasing levels each subsequent year as the business grows
  • Has at least 2x Current Assets to Current Liabilities and positive owner equity on balance sheet
  • Enjoys being part of a larger team and values being an elite business
  • Values having access to a manufacturing plant and its knowledge, marketing, sales and creative solutions

If this sounds like you-
we would love to meet to discuss our future together!

Let’s Get Going!