Perfect Garage Flooring for Durability and Safety

//Perfect Garage Flooring for Durability and Safety

Perfect Garage Flooring for Durability and Safety

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When you’re considering a garage floor coating, you must keep a couple of important things in mind. Should you stick with a garage floor coating, or go with a fully-inclusive automotive floor system? Do you have a flooring option for repelling oil stains? Does your garage floor sealant provide a non-slip surface? With Prime Coat, you have all these options and more. Our line of garage floor coating products is the best way to create a safe, long-lasting residential and commercial auto shop floor.

Prime Guard 1110

Both durable and beautiful, this is an excellent choice for automotive floors that see high levels of traffic. Three times harder than a quartz-filled system or a simple garage floor sealant, this urethane floor system is easily cleaned, oil resistant and non-slip. In addition, this fully-realized urethane garage floor coating system is one of the best values that we offer, perfect if you need a high-performance flooring that is low in cost.

Prime Cast 2110

Even with a garage sealant, often a garage epoxy paint needs continual upkeep in order to remain effective. The Prime Cast 2110 is a good alternative, saving you hundreds of dollars in maintainance fees each year. You get all the durability and cleanability of a garage epoxy, but in a cohesive garage floor coating system. Unlike the thin layer of protection you get with a garage floor sealant, this ⅛” to 3/16” thick flooring system is made of 100% solids colored epoxy with a broadcast aggregate. It’s a perfect choice for covering damaged concrete substrate and maintaining a strong, clean finish that is both attractive and durable.

Prime Cast 2411

realized system like this one can help you avoid costly repainting and repairs down the road. In this decorative 3/16” thick floor system, traditional floor epoxy coating for auto shops are replaced with a finished urethane barrier. Able to withstand incredible heat, weight and impact, this garage floor coating is perfect for an automotive floor that will see heavy-duty vehicles or semi trucks. And, this system is specifically designed to cover painted concrete floors for auto repair that are pitted and damaged, instantly making your workplace safer and easier to clean.

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