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Prime Coat Coating Systems focuses not only on the successful engineering of industrial floor coatings for cleanability, resistance to stains, and durability, but also demonstrates through constant testing, an in depth method for recognizing risks associated with corrosion and mitigation of probable flooring failures as a result. With a certified NACE inspector with over 25 years of industry knowledge, Prime Coat Coating Systems offers high-performance coatings made to withstand the demands of industrial facilities nationwide.

  • Durability – Our high-performance coatings are engineered to be impact resistant, chemical and salt resistant as well as provide effective concrete protection.
  • Safety –With consideration for high traffic and high point loading requirements, our systems are designed to be slip resistant and yet suitable for repeated cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Low Maintenance – Our systems prevent staining and damage from chemicals, are easy to clean, and can lower overall facility operating costs.
  • Aesthetic Properties – Prime Coat Coating Systems offers a high-build system that also fulfills management design requirements.

Applications Gold Floors Silver Floors Gold Walls Silver Walls Gold Seamless Silver Seamless
Hallways 2611 1100
Warehousing 1110 1100
Display Areas 3115 1610 2601
Loading Docks 3410 2110
Charging Stations 1110
Forklift Aisles 3410 3110 1200 1100
Chemical Storage 1110 1200 1100
Locker Rooms 2611 2110 1100
Mechanical Rooms 2110 1110 1100
Rest Rooms 2611 1610 2601
Customer Waiting 3115 2611 2601
Machine Shop 3410 3110 1200 1100
Showers 2610 2110 1200

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