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Your veterinary practice surfaces can get the best of both worlds – beauty and functionality.

To create the best environment for the animals, your clients and your team, Prime Coat Coating Systems has created a portfolio of seamless floor, wall and combination systems that meet the demands of a modern practice. We manufacture and install high quality seamless, resinous systems that are durable, low maintenance and anti-microbial. With over 1 million square feet of installed floor coatings, we have a proven track record of service with animal care facilities across the country.

  • Durability – Our systems are designed for impact resistance, heavy traffic, and repeated cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Safety – We can customize our floors with non-slip properties. All of our systems are seamless and pin-hole free with optional anti-microbial properties.
  • Low Maintenance – Our systems are easy to clean, never need waxing and lower your maintenance costs.
  • Aesthetic Properties – The beauty of our systems are geared to meet the need for a positive and stress-free environment and are limited only to your imagination.

Applications Gold Floors Silver Floors Gold Walls Silver Walls Gold Seamless Silver Seamless
Entrance Lobby 2611 1610 2601
Grooming 2610 2611 2601 1100
Equestrian Breeding 4612
Exercise Areas 4612 2610 1100
Hallways 2610 1610 1100
Mechanical Rooms 2110 1110 2602 1100
Rest Rooms 2611 1610 2601
Pens 2610 2111 1400
Pool Decks 4612 1110 1100
Medical Surgery 4611 2601 1200 1100
Laundry 2110 1110 2603 1100


“Our new floor definitely has the “wow factor” I was looking for. We get numerous comments every day – from clients, the construction crew, and other people in our field. They are all amazed by the look of the flooring. We appreciate their on-time and efficient application and look forward to years of wear with our beautiful floor.”

Dr. Lynn Day, Owner, Sugar Grove Animal Hospital

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