Market Spotlight: Correctional Showers and Kitchen

//Market Spotlight: Correctional Showers and Kitchen

Market Spotlight: Correctional Showers and Kitchen

Prime Coat Coating Systems offers state-of-the-art solutions for your correctional needs.

We manufacture and install high quality polymer systems that are not only durable, but also low-maintenance and contain antimicrobial properties.

We’re featuring our Seamless Shower System 5130, Prime Cast 2410, and Prime Guard 1400.

Seamless Shower System 5130 is tougher than concrete. It can withstand the harshest treatment and is completely waterproof. We include our Micro-Guard antimicrobial coating to seal this system, making a perfect permanent solution for your shower needs. It has a 25 year track record and has been performing in thousands of the most demanding environments in America! Learn more.

Prime Cast 2410 is a solid colored ¼” chemical and slip-resistant urethane flooring system made especially for areas that are prone to swings in temperature. Learn more

Prime Guard 1400 is a three coat, all urethane, UV stable, abrasion resistant wall coating system designed for areas that experience moderate thermal cycling abuse. Learn more.

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