Home Garage Floor Coatings For Beauty and Durability

//Home Garage Floor Coatings For Beauty and Durability

Home Garage Floor Coatings For Beauty and Durability


Your garage can be either one of the highlights of your home or an embarrassing eyesore. If you’re ready to clean it up and turn it into a pleasant, safe and durable workspace, one of the basic things you should consider is what kind of garage floor coating you will have. Whether you need a simple painted concrete floor covering or an entire garage epoxy floor system, Primecoat is one of the most trusted names when it comes to garage floor coatings.

Through our patented garage floor coverings and garage floor sealants, your garage floor can become a durable, safe and non-slip surface for doing any kind of activities imaginable. Even if your substrate is damaged or wet, we offer high-quality garage epoxy, MMA and polymer options that will fill and seal imperfections in your concrete foundation. In addition, we can add specifically-designed garage floor sealants to the mixture, giving your floors an extra level of moisture protection. We can even add a non-slip garage floor coating for the safest work environment, despite the weather.

At Primecoat, we know that your garage floor covering needs to be more than safe and weather-resistant. That’s why we offer a wide variety of colors, flexibility levels and finishes to allow you absolute control over what your finished garage floor coating will look like. Choose from a simple painted concrete floor coating, or upgrade to a faux finish like tile, terasso or marble. Either way, you get a beautiful garage floor covering that can withstand abrasion, moisture, heat and impact. And, we can include a garage floor sealant that will fill and fix imperfections, ensuring that your garage epoxy or other Primecoat floor covering will last a lifetime.

You can’t beat the speed and safety of Primecoat installation, either. Our water-based, two-coat garage epoxy flooring has no toxic fumes and is quick-drying, which means you can get back to work within hours of installation.

Whether you need a garage floor covering or garage floor sealant, an epoxy or a polymer, Primecoat is the best place to go for a complete painted concrete floor makeover. Within hours of installation, you’ll have a waterproof, polished and non-slip garage floor that gives you an attractive space for work, play or just relaxation.

Don’t let your garage’s painted concrete floor remain an eyesore. Find out more about how Primecoat can restore your garage floor safely and beautifully, so that your garage is a workspace you can be proud of.

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