Floorguard Protective Coatings and Prime Coat – What’s the Difference?

//Floorguard Protective Coatings and Prime Coat – What’s the Difference?

Floorguard Protective Coatings and Prime Coat – What’s the Difference?


Floorguard Protective Coatings and Prime Coat – What’s the Difference?

For decades, Primecoat has been the leader when it comes to residential, commercial, industrial and governmental floor coverings. Still, there are many alternatives if you’re looking for a different kind of customer service or performance experience. One of these options is Floorguard. As a specialty residential basement and garage floor covering company, Floorguard provides a slightly different set of floor coating services than Primecoat does.

What is Floorguard?

Floorguard is a protective flooring coating company that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois with a specialty in garage floor coatings. Established by Gus Schuberth in 1987, this company began as a one-man operation and has grown to be a respected specialty flooring company.

In response to the high-prices and low-performance of many protective floor coating manufactured products, Floorguard protective coatings set out to create their own line of unique products. Floor Guard states that their products are “highly durable” floor coverings for “residential garages and basements.” They have a variety of basement and garage floor coverings such as epoxy, urethane, metallic and stained flooring products.

How Does Floorguard Compare with Primecoat?

Although both companies provide excellent service and have wonderful reputations for service and customer satisfaction, there are a few key areas that are different. The most important? Specialization. If you’re looking for a company that has a deep knowledge of completing a residential basement floor or garage floor coating, then Floorguard protective coatings might be a good fit.

On the other hand, Primecoat’s wide experience with commercial, industrial and residential flooring could be an effective choice as well. Since Primecoat has had decades of experience analyzing substrate, mitigating flaws and following up to ensure long-term performance, they have a deep understanding of which protective floor coatings will ensure that your floor lasts a lifetime.

Why Should You Choose Primecoat?

Even though the Floorguard protective coating company has a lot of knowledge in the area of garage floor coatings and other residential protective floor coatings, they haven’t had the wide range of commercial, industrial and governmental experiences that are necessary for completing these more involved design projects.

Primecoat’s dedication to excellent floor coverings for prisons, schools, government facilities and research labs has resulted in some of the most notable contracts in the U.S. and Canada. In fact, Primecoat is one of the most trusted names when it comes to unique floor covering solutions for commercial and industrial building projects, with a strong following of architects and contractors that wouldn’t recommend anyone else for their protective floor coating projects.

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