Floor Coatings for Industry and Manufacturing

//Floor Coatings for Industry and Manufacturing

Floor Coatings for Industry and Manufacturing

Metalwork / Construction

Prime Coat Coating Systems focuses not only on the successful engineering of industrial floor coatings for cleanability, resistance to stains, and durability, but also exemplifies our attention to managing risk from corrosion and other possible flooring failures. Each of our industrial floor coatings and industrial floor paints is inspected by a certified NACE inspector professional. We also bring over 25 years of industry knowledge. Prime Coat Coating Systems offers high-performance industrial floor coatings made to withstand the demands of facilities nationwide.

  • Durability – Our high-performance industrial floor coatings are engineered to be impact resistant, chemical and salt resistant. We also have a line of industrial concrete floor coatings that provide long-lasting protection of your substructure.

  • Safety –With consideration for high traffic and high point loading requirements, our industrial floor paint, sealant and coating systems are designed to be slip resistant and yet suitable for repeated cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Low Maintenance – Our industrial floor sealant and coating systems prevent staining and damage from chemicals, are easy to clean, and can lower overall facility operating costs.

  • Aesthetic Properties –  Prime Coat Industrial Floor Coating Systems offers a high-build system that also fulfills management design requirements.

We provide industrial floor coating systems for a variety of applications, which include:

Industrial Floor Coatings for Industrial Manufacturing

Metalworking, laser cutting and handling large parts require a durable flooring that will keep you safe and keep your work area clean. Our industrial floor coating system (including our patented industrial epoxy floor coatings) for industrial manufacturing keeps temperature, grip and flexibility in mind. This provides you with tough industrial concrete floor coatings that can withstand whatever you need to build, maneuver or melt.

Industrial Floor Coatings for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

When dealing with volatile chemicals, it is vital to have a strong, acid-proof industrial floor coating that can be easily cleaned. Not only do our concrete floor coatings completely eliminate the possibility of contaminants from beneath your pharmaceutical manufacturing flooring, but our industrial floor sealant acts as a double measure to keep your pharmaceutical products as pure as they can be.

Industrial Floor Coatings for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Industrial epoxy floor coatings are a perfect solution for a food and beverage manufacturer who wants something tough and beautiful to work with. Industrial epoxy adds an extra layer of safety to your food and beverage manufacturing process, and adding an additional layer of industrial floor sealant can make your kitchen and food preparation rooms easy to maintain and guarantees that mold, bacteria and moisture won’t affect your final product.

Industrial Floor Coatings for Warehousing

Keeping your products stored in a moisture-free, load-friendly place is one of the most important elements of preparing to ship a product. With our patented line of no-slip industrial floor coatings, you will be able to easily pack and unpack your warehouse. We also specialize in industrial floor paint and sealant which keeps your concrete floor looking new and adds an extra barrier between your goods and ground contaminants.

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