Floor Coatings for Educational and Correctional Use

//Floor Coatings for Educational and Correctional Use

Floor Coatings for Educational and Correctional Use


When you’re dealing with groups of people, safety and durability becomes the top concern. At Prime Coat, we are experts in dealing with governmental contracts and parameters, and we have a seamless record of providing excellent floor coatings for both schools and prisons. Because of this, we have become one of the most trusted floor coating contractors for working on these type of projects.

We have specially developed a series of products that are designed to eliminate contaminants, cover damaged substructure, provide non-slip surfaces and hold up under heavy traffic. Many of these floor coatings also give you customizable options for color, flexibility and heat resistance, so you can have a beautiful flooring that lasts, no matter where it is located in your facility.

Some of the key areas that you might need prime floor coatings for:

Floor Coatings for Schools

Whether you need floor coverings for your gymnasium, locker rooms, showers, hallways or cafeteria and kitchen, we have the perfect floor coatings for schools. We have a number of highly durable floor coverings that will withstand years of heavy use. Not only do we offer a number of floor coatings for every type of educational need, our line of floor products also gives complete creative control over color and style so that you can create a clean, low-stress and beautiful learning environment.

Floor Coatings for Research

Working with volatile chemicals under a controlled environment is vital to getting the most accurate scientific results. At Prime Coat, we have developed the Seamless line of floor coverings and floor sealants that eliminate particulate matter from the underlying substructure, which allow for more reliable data sets. We have specifically created a line of scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and chemical-resistant floor coatings for dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical research, as well as for use in vivariums and animal-observation spaces.

Floor Coatings for Corrections

Areas like halfways houses and other mid-to-low security correctional facilities have specific needs when it comes to floor coatings and sealants. Our line of corrections floor coverings gives you the maximum control over how much flexibility, durability and heat-resistance each area of your correctional facility has. In addition, you can also choose from a number of colors and materials to make your floor covering aesthetically pleasing as well as sealing out moisture and keeping your substructure safe for years to come.

Floor Coatings for Prisons

Many times, prison facilities are designed for function rather than form. Rough substructure materials and aging underlying concrete can make floor coatings look unfinished. We have developed epoxy, urethane, polymer and polyethylene floor coverings that fill and protect prison walls, floors and ceilings. We also specialize in sensitive areas like showers, gyms, hallways and kitchens, which require durability as well as longevity and beauty.

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