Floor Coatings for Clinical and Veterinary Use

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Floor Coatings for Clinical and Veterinary Use

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There are a lot of elements that you consider when you have patients’ best health in mind. Having a bacteria-free zone that is easy to clean and resistant to chemical and scratching is vital for healthy procedural results. We have devised several high-quality floor coatings that give your practice the ultimate control over how much flexibility, scratch-resistance and durability your flooring has.

In addition to general beauty and longevity, you can choose from a number of floor coverings that are specifically designed for clinical research, medical and surgical procedures, animal research or veterinary services. Each of these healthcare floor coatings combines form and function to create a beautiful clinical floor or veterinary floor that keeps your area bacteria-free and easy to clean.

Some specific uses that our floor coatings are designed for are:

Floor Coverings for Kennels and Cage Wash Areas

In animal areas where sanitation is the key concern, like in kennels and cage wash areas; it is important to have a floor coating that is water resistant and sealed properly so that underlying concrete or board isn’t damaged. We have created floor coverings, floor sealants and even floor to ceiling systems like our Seamless line with these priorities in mind.

Floor Coverings for Clean Rooms

Some areas, like surgical and veterinary procedure rooms, require that there are no outside contaminants from the air or ground. We specialize in a number of floor coating systems that completely eliminate the chance for bacterial growth, specifically with clean room needs in mind. In addition, we provide wall and ceiling systems as well, like our fiber-reinforced epoxy wall system. The epoxy coating systems creates a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that is highly water and toxin-resistant.

Floor Coverings for Health Care and Hospital Kitchens

When dealing with large quantities of food, having a urethane flooring that is easy to clean and heat-resistant is a must. We have developed a series of durable urethane floor coatings that provide maximum heat-resistance as well as non-slip surfacing and shock resistance. These urethane floor coatings can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and are designed for quick, easy clean up.

Floor Coverings for Hospital and Veterinary Hallways

High traffic areas like hallways and corridors need a quality floor coating that provides maximum durability and still gives you freedom with a number of beauty and style choices. In addition, you may need to consider the durability of your wall and ceilings in these high-traffic areas. By combining an epoxy wall system like our Prime Guard series with an epoxy floor coating like Prime Cast 2611, you have a complete epoxy system that will withstand heavy traffic and give you complete control over color and style.

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