FAQs – Epoxy Resin Coatings, Paints, and Sealers

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FAQs – Epoxy Resin Coatings, Paints, and Sealers


Although floor epoxy coating is one of the most trusted and reliable types of commercial and residential floor coatings available, there are some misconceptions about what epoxy floor products are exactly and what they can do. In fact, epoxy resin coatings, epoxy paints, and epoxy floor sealers are completely different products and are used in specific applications.

What is Epoxy Resin Coating?

An epoxy resin coating is a strong adhesive coating that is designed to both adhere objects and provide surfacing for floors, walls, and ceilings. It is also the trade name for a type of chemical group called the epoxide functional group. Epoxy resin coatings can either be made to react with themselves, or with a number of co-reagents. Each of these different co-reagents, or “hardeners”, provides a different level of strength, flexibility, adhesion, and waterproofing for epoxy flooring. In fact, depending on the type of co-reagent, an epoxy resin coating can bond better to different types of metals, alloys, and substrate materials. Epoxy resin coatings have been used for a number of applications, including industrial, commercial, electrical, and marine applications.

Some of these epoxy resin coatings are specifically designed to meet certain building needs. For example, epoxy novolac floor coatings have high tolerance for heat and electrical current, making them a good choice for electrical laminating. In addition, epoxy novolac flooring is perfect for containment systems, such as wastewater treatment tanks or commercial swimming pools, as they are highly chemical-resistant. Specific resins, like epoxy novolac epoxy, vapor-barrier epoxy, and anti-static epoxy, are included in a floor coating plan in order to meet the needs of each individual application.

What is Epoxy Floor Paint?

Epoxy floor paint takes the durable adhesion of epoxy resin coating and makes it easy to install into virtually any space. An epoxy floor paint strengthens and supports the underlying substrate, while often providing some level of moisture and impact protection. Epoxy paints can be purchased in many different styles, such as quick-drying, skid-resistant, and waterproof. Floor epoxy paint usually dries clear, and can be mixed with additives such as quartz, mica, and granite to increase the strength and beauty of the floor. Another great thing about floor epoxy paint is that you can either have it professionally installed or install it yourself. This is an excellent choice for a homeowner with a limited budget or small area to cover in epoxy paints.

Although floor epoxy paint is an economical choice, especially if it is self-installed, there are a few drawbacks. Because of it’s thin layering, it must often be reinstalled regularly – once every year. In addition, if epoxy floors are installed incorrectly, they can trap excess moisture beneath the epoxy layer, causing damage to the underlying concrete and negating the value of the installation. Poor installation of epoxy flooring can lead to cracking, peeling, and bacterial growth.

What is Epoxy Floor Sealer?

Epoxy floor sealer is a layer of epoxy that is added to increase the shine and durability of another flooring product. While epoxy floor sealer can be added to an epoxy paint or a floor epoxy coating system, it can also be added to a MMA or Polyurethane floor covering. The epoxy floor sealer is specially designed to give the highest level of shine and impact-resistance to a floor. Epoxy floors sealer is also excellent for minimizing scratches, and is one of the easiest ways to create an anti-slip floor covering.

With high-level epoxy floors sealer, underlying imperfections in the substrate can be mitigated, if not completely eliminated. A floor epoxy coating is excellent for blocking moisture, bacteria, and providing both aesthetic and safety benefits for your organization. Non-slip properties, anti-bacterial solutions, and pigment can be added to your floor epoxy coating to provide a uniquely beautiful and clean epoxy flooring that will last for years.

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