Consulting, Testing & Specs

While the coating systems from Prime Coat are designed to fit most situations, choosing the right system is a complicated decision. Your Prime Coat Consultant has the experience and training to help you make that decision and to choose the options that perfect that system for your needs.

We start with a thorough analysis of your unique project or design including your project timelines, performance requirements, design expectations and budget constraints. The use of the surfaces, timing of the installation, wear resistance, slip resistance, chemical resistance are all taken into consideration before recommending a system solution. Next we gather information from our extensive data network that includes on-site testing, historical performance and valuable input from our own research laboratory. We then discuss the potential system solutions and options with you to make the right choice.

Once you have chosen your Prime Coat system, a detailed guide specification and project quotation may be requested through your Prime Coat consultant. Contact your personal Prime Coat consultant.

Prime Coat Coating Systems is an approved provider of continuing education for The American Institute of Architects. Call or email to schedule a lunch ‘n learn.
Helping architects and designers meet energy and environmental design requirements is a priority at Prime Coat. Our products can help you achieve additional LEED points because most of our component products contain zero VOCs and zero hazardous air pollutants. Many of our component products contain recycled or rapidly renewable materials. Prime Coat Coating Systems is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Contact your personal Prime Coat Consultant for assistance with achieving LEED certification for your building project.

We also offer Project Evaluation and Expert Testimony. Click here