Manufacturing Floor Covering – The Good and The Great.

The concept of having a floor coating that fits every type of manufacturing company is little less than a joke. The types of floor coatings that are best for metal fabrication are completely different than floor coverings that will be protecting against chemical spills at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Because manufacturing needs are so different, it [...]

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The Best Waterproofing for Residential Bathroom Showers

When you are installing a residential bathroom shower, one of the most damaging things you can forget is the waterproofing. If left untreated, most shower walls and shower floors will take on moisture that can damage the stability of the installation and lead to expensive problems later on. That’s why it is vital to choose a [...]

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Prime Coat Attends Sheriff’s Association of Texas

Prime Coat will be attending the Sheriff’s Association of Texas 135th Annual Training Conference and Expo in Corpus Christi, Texas. The event is at the American Bank Center Exhibit Hall A & B on July 21-22 2013. Prime Coat will be at Booth #903 Come see us there!

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Safety Certificate Awarded to Prime Coat

Prime Coat is honored to have been awarded a certificate for outstanding attention to safety for our work on the New Federal Court House project in Rockford, Ill.  This project was completed with Zero OSHA recordable injuries or illnesses.  We are proud of this recognition, and continue to strive for excellence in safety in all our of projects. peta [...]

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