Have you seen Prime Coat’s Road Show?

Ask us to review your projects and specs to uncover potential holes and liabilities. Learn ways to impress your clients and avoid costly changes. Coatings are complex and sensitive to minor environmental variations. Get it right the first time and protect your firm’s reputation.  

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Prime Coat Attends Sheriff’s Association of Texas

Prime Coat will be attending the Sheriff’s Association of Texas 135th Annual Training Conference and Expo in Corpus Christi, Texas. The event is at the American Bank Center Exhibit Hall A & B on July 21-22 2013. Prime Coat will be at Booth #903 Come see us there!

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National Sales Meeting: Solving Customer Problems

Starting today, the Annual Prime Coat Coating Systems (PCCS) National Sales Meeting takes place at the national headquarters’ training center. Approximately 30 participants who represent 47 of the 50 states in the US, focus their attention on solving customer problems. Participants of the sales meeting, will continue their education on the latest PCCS resinous product systems [...]

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Prime Coat Featured in Correctional News

On February 21, Prime Coat Coatings Systems was a feature article in the popular Correctional News Magazine. In January, 2012 Prime Coat Coating Systems (PCCS) once again, introduced a beneficial solution to the coatings industry with the opening of the Polymer Coatings Interactive Exposition (Expo). The Expo, which covers an area of more than 3,000 square feet, [...]

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World’s First Polymer Coatings Display

Designed for customers, architects and engineers alike, the polymer coatings display is the first of its kind in showcasing polymer floor, wall and specialty coating systems. Over the years, customers have had a hard time grasping all the polymer coating systems available to them – let alone feel the products. Prime Coat has found a way [...]

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Safety Certificate Awarded to Prime Coat

Prime Coat is honored to have been awarded a certificate for outstanding attention to safety for our work on the New Federal Court House project in Rockford, Ill.  This project was completed with Zero OSHA recordable injuries or illnesses.  We are proud of this recognition, and continue to strive for excellence in safety in all our of projects. peta [...]

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