Correctional Expertise

Prime Coat specializes in floor, wall, and shower systems that will meet your needs and provide longevity for the harsh conditions susceptible to these areas in correctional institutions. We’ve created a single-source methodology - meaning we manufacture and install our own systems. There’s no middle man and no finger-pointing. We also offer our 10/2 warranty [...]

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Prime Coat is Moving!

Effective August 15, 2023, Prime Coat Coating Systems will have moved to their new facility. Please update your records with our new address information, including shipping, receiving, accounting, purchase orders, etc. Telephone and email will remain the same. New Address: Prime Coat Coating Systems 405 Oakwood Ave Waukegan, IL 60085 There will be no [...]

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Market Spotlight: Municipalities and Schools

Prime Coat Coating Systems offers high-quality, low-maintenance, and durable systems for your projects. We manufacture and install polymer systems that are made to withstand the demanding needs of your environment, whether it be school showers, gymnasiums, hallways, locker rooms, and more. We recently completed a grade school gym floor using [...]

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Market Spotlight: Correctional Showers and Kitchen

Prime Coat Coating Systems offers state-of-the-art solutions for your correctional needs. We manufacture and install high quality polymer systems that are not only durable, but also low-maintenance and contain antimicrobial properties. We’re featuring our Seamless Shower System 5130, Prime Cast 2410, and Prime Guard 1400. Seamless Shower System 5130 is tougher than concrete. It [...]

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Project Spotlight: Behavioral Health Institutions

Prime Coat Coating Systems knows that you need durable but aesthetically pleasing floor, wall, and ceiling solutions that are made of the highest quality raw materials with antimicrobial properties. We have manufactured these cutting-edge systems to enhance your facilities. Here are some of the systems you could include on your projects: Halls & Corridors ● [...]

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Some of Our Company’s Best Moments

Since being in business for over 30 years, Prime Coat has provided numerous solutions for projects across the country. Our mission statement, and essentially what separated Prime Coat from the competition immediately, was to provide high quality solutions for customers and the rest will take care of itself. From 1996 to 2004, Prime Coat [...]

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Happy Holidays from Prime Coat Coating Systems!

The Prime Coat team wants to take a moment to wish you and your family a warm holiday season. We’re so thankful for the support and business from everyone, and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us! Have you seen our Seamless System 5130 video? If not, click here to [...]

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Prime Coat’s 5130 Seamless Coating System for Showers

System 5130 Overview Step 1 Preparation - fill gaps, level floor Step 2 Install optional Membrane/Primer to the floor - PC100 or PC620 Step 3 Cant Cove installation - PC311TD Step 4 Prime Walls, Floor & Ceiling - PC100 or PC130 - Aggregate added to floor coating Step 5 Fiberglass & Kevlar filled liner - [...]

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Choose Prime Coat for your Padded Cell needs

Buying and maintaining a padded cell should be a walk in the park, not a marathon. Prime Flex 4730 is a new generation of seamless safety padding that combines state-of-the-art, fire-resistant padding, mold and moisture resistant mounting materials and a silicone terminated resin system for unmatched toughness and durability.  Our high density, high impact rubberized core [...]

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Have you seen Prime Coat’s Road Show?

Ask us to review your projects and specs to uncover potential holes and liabilities. Learn ways to impress your clients and avoid costly changes. Coatings are complex and sensitive to minor environmental variations. Get it right the first time and protect your firm’s reputation.  

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