Do Your Customers a Favor

From healthcare and fitness, to commercial and industrial, we do it all! Architects choose Prime Coat for one-of-a-kind floor coating benefits such as: EPA registered Germ-Guard, anti-microbial protection Unmatched 3-Year Warranty (Labor and Materials) Custom design finishes and textures Engineering support for highly technical projects And more! The best architects choose the best manufacturers - choose [...]

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Grinding Is Not Shot Blasting!

In today’s concrete preparation world large planetary grinding has largely taken the place of shot blasting even when specifications and standards require a shot blasted profile. Recently, I was on a job site where a nationally recognized manufacturer of moisture vapor emission primers was in use. The specified product primer data sheet required a concrete surface [...]

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When Is Concrete Ready For Flooring?

A common misconception is that concrete is ready to receive coatings after the concrete has cured for 28 days. While it is true that concrete reaches 99% of its compressive strength after 28 days, that doesn’t address the most important factor in determining whether the concrete is ready for a coating application - moisture. There are [...]

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Floor Coatings for Industry and Manufacturing

Prime Coat Coating Systems focuses not only on the successful engineering of industrial floor coatings for cleanability, resistance to stains, and durability, but also exemplifies our attention to managing risk from corrosion and other possible flooring failures. Each of our industrial floor coatings and industrial floor paints is inspected by a certified NACE inspector professional. We [...]

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Should You Choose Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Industrial Site?

Commercial sites must have industrial prime coatings that will allow your site to withstand the pressure and stress of everyday use. Often, industrial floors must be able to support heavy machinery, chemical compounds and foot traffic that many other commercial floors don’t. In order to meet the needs of industrial wear and tear, many businesses are [...]

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How to Choose the Right Wall and Floor Coatings for Prison Showers

Nothing attracts bacteria like the shower. Crevices and cracks in the flooring, ceiling or walls can be the perfect place for mold and spores to accumulate. These fungus and bacteria can lead to health problems as well as eat away at the very material they live in. The result is a damaged shower that may costs [...]

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What You Must Know About Concrete

Before Applying Low Permeable Finishes Applying low permeable floor finishes over concrete can be a treacherous task if one is unaware of the many pit falls that await the inexperienced flooring contractor or do it yourselfer. Each year millions of dollars are lost due to floor finish failures. Failure in low permeability flooring finishes often occurs [...]

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Getting Ahold of Mold

Mold and mildew have become a huge concern in construction and maintenance of buildings of all types, including correctional facilities. A mold problem can add costs and delays to a construction project and plague facility and maintenance personnel with an unending maintenance cycle. Mold thrives in warm, damp, poorly ventilated environments such as a shower area [...]

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Seamless Showers Fight Corrosion

Ask any prison maintenance supervisor if he has problems with the showers in his facility and you will get a quick unequivocal, ‘Yes.’ Almost no other maintenance area in the prison is tougher to manage. To perform any type of maintenance on a shower means shutting it down, which often requires moving inmates around and creating [...]

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