Prime Coat’s 5130 Seamless Coating System for Showers

System 5130 Overview Step 1 Preparation - fill gaps, level floor Step 2 Install optional Membrane/Primer to the floor - PC100 or PC620 Step 3 Cant Cove installation - PC311TD Step 4 Prime Walls, Floor & Ceiling - PC100 or PC130 - Aggregate added to floor coating Step 5 Fiberglass & Kevlar filled liner - [...]

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Choose Prime Coat for your Padded Cell needs

Buying and maintaining a padded cell should be a walk in the park, not a marathon. Prime Flex 4730 is a new generation of seamless safety padding that combines state-of-the-art, fire-resistant padding, mold and moisture resistant mounting materials and a silicone terminated resin system for unmatched toughness and durability.  Our high density, high impact rubberized core [...]

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Have you seen Prime Coat’s Road Show?

Ask us to review your projects and specs to uncover potential holes and liabilities. Learn ways to impress your clients and avoid costly changes. Coatings are complex and sensitive to minor environmental variations. Get it right the first time and protect your firm’s reputation.  

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Prime Coat Key Advantages

The Solution is Easy: Choose Prime Coat Coating Systems In our latest video, we showcase what sets Prime Coat apart from other companies. Why do architects specify Prime Coat? Extended 10/2 warranty Trusted team with years of expertise Overall quality and durability Vertical integration - we manufacture and install our own systems Anti-bacterial MicroGuard™ available [...]

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What is Micro-Guard™?

What is Micro-Guard™? Prime Coat Coating Systems offers their state-of-the-art Micro-Guard incorporated within their coatings. This is an ionic silver bound in an inorganic matrix and hinders microbial growth at an astounding rate. How does Micro-Guard™ work? Moisture provides the pathway to deliver silver ions to render all kinds of bacteria harmless in three different [...]

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FAQs – What Are the Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Floor Coatings?

An epoxy floor coating is made up of two parts: a resin and a hardener. When these two components are mixed together, they form a rigid, plastic-like substance that is both durable and beautiful. In addition, epoxy coatings adhere very well to their substrates and are resistant to degradation caused by moisture, acids, and impact. Epoxy [...]

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FAQs – Epoxy Resin Coatings, Paints, and Sealers

Although floor epoxy coating is one of the most trusted and reliable types of commercial and residential floor coatings available, there are some misconceptions about what epoxy floor products are exactly and what they can do. In fact, epoxy resin coatings, epoxy paints, and epoxy floor sealers are completely different products and are used in specific [...]

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FAQs – What is the Difference Between a Prime Coat and Tack Coat?

There are quite a few people who are unsure about the real purpose of the prime coat and tack coat. In fact, there are many people who believe that a prime coat is only makes the tack coat more adhesive and nothing more. A prime coat and a tack coat actually work much more like a [...]

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FAQs – Best Sealers, Coatings, and Finishes for Concrete Floors

Although there are many types of substrates that you can have – like gypsum, wood, or steel – one of the most common for floors is concrete. Concrete floors are comparatively inexpensive and can withstand a lot of heat and impact resistance. Because it is such a popular substrate, and has its own set of flaws, [...]

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FAQs – Urethane Floor Coating and Polyurethane Floor Finish

Although typically epoxies are one of the most popular floor coatings for commercial and industrial sites, urethane floor coating (or polyurethane floor finish) is still regarded by many as the most reliable and economical choice when it comes to a high-quality floor finish. Because urethane floor finish is better able to resist scratch, impact, and abrasion, [...]

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