Basement Floor Coatings That Last a Lifetime

//Basement Floor Coatings That Last a Lifetime

Basement Floor Coatings That Last a Lifetime


One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home with very little initial investment is by finishing up that basement that you’ve been talking about for years. But, if you’re planning on making it a recreation room, workout room or shop area, carpeting won’t handle the high traffic over time. Instead, consider installing a Primecoat basement floor coating directly onto the existing concrete foundation. It’s fast, easy and will give you a lasting shine that beautifies your home and increases its value.

Through our residential partners, Santa Barbara Surfacing, your basement floor coatings can be installed in just a few hours, with only your imagination as the limit. Whether your goal is aesthetic beauty, safety or simply to seal the substrate, our unique basement floor coverings easily waterproof and finish even the most damaged underlying concrete. And, you have access to the most fashionable floor coating techniques, allowing you to choose from basement floor coverings that imitate tile, terrazzo, ceramic and marble at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Our basement floor coating systems eliminate toxic odors and makes it safe for you to get back to work within hours of installation. In addition, the California Board of Health has approved each of our basement floor coverings, so you can finally have a floor that is durable, beautiful and safe for the kids to play on. Whether your basement will be used for lifting weights, riding bikes or even doing a little welding, Santa Barbara Surfacing and Primecoat ensure that your floor is safe from scratches, moisture, welding spatter or impact damage. We can even include a non-slip additive to your basement floor coating to give you the highest level of safety in your workspace.

At Primecoat, working with Santa Barbara Surfacing, you get the most beautiful, durable basement floor coverings for the right price. Waterproofing, concrete polishing, non-slip surfacing or floor restoration: You name it, we have the basement floor coating to meet your needs. For a lifetime of beauty and performance, there is no one more trusted than Primecoat when it comes to basement floor coverings. Call us for a quote today!

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