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Wall, Ceiling and Floor Coatings for Prisons

Wall, Ceiling and Floor Coatings for Prison

Keeping people safe: it’s your job. But, you’re responsible for more than just protecting the public. You’re responsible for creating a working environment that keeps your employees and inmates as safe and secure as possible. And, true safety begins at the ground level. Although many believe that a simple prison floor epoxy or prison floor paint is enough to keep their prisons safe, they don’t realize that skimping on flooring now can have disastrous results later.

For over 10 years, we have been working with prisons from all over the world to ensure that their floors are the safest, most durable available. Through our comprehensive prison floor covering systems, including prison floor sealants and prison floor paints, we can guarantee a bacteria resistant, slip-free and beautiful floor that will last long after you are gone.

There are a number of specific areas where our prison floor coverings are most highly recommended.

Prison Locker Rooms and Workout Areas

Locker rooms must be able to withstand moisture, heat and bacteria as well as be easily cleaned. We have a number of solutions specifically designed to combat these forces. Prime Guard 1100 is a seamless prison wall and ceiling system that uses 100% solids epoxy coating to fight against mold, fungus and bacteria. In addition, it’s mar-resistant topcoat keeps the wall and ceiling from scuffing and other damage, which leads to a long-lasting, easy-to-clean surface.

Prison Kitchens

Prison kitchens, just like any other commercial kitchen, must comply with OSHA and other governmental health standards. Prison flooring in the kitchen and cooking area must be able to withstand impact, extreme temperature cycling and bacteria. We have a systems, like the Prime Cast 2610, that are specifically designed for just that. This quartz-urethane flooring system with MMA prison floor sealant is shock-resistant, heat-resistant and one of the fastest solutions for when you need a prison flooring put in quickly.

Prison Showers

Prison shower areas are another space where bacteria, dirt and debris can build up and damage the substructure. In order to eliminate rust, mold and other harmful elements, we have created a seamless coating system for prison showers that is durable and easy to clean. Our patented Seamless 5130 System can cover prison floors, prison walls and prison ceilings in the shower area, and in virtually any combination of colors imaginable. It is one of our most popular systems, and has become the ultimate in beauty and functionality for prison showers across the U.S. and in Canada.


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