Systems and Solutions

Prime Coat has developed System Categories to help our users better navigate the numerous coating systems we offer.
Contact your personal Prime Coat Consultant for assistance in choosing the right system for your facility.

Seamless System Prime Guard Prime Cast

Prime Seamless is a group of patented systems designed for specific applications and industries. The Seamless Systems incorporate 360 degrees of protection from wall to ceiling and are unmatched in performance!

Seamless Showers (5130)
Seamless for Research (5630)
Seamless for Research w/ Epoxy Mortar Floor (5631)
Seamless for Research w/ Epoxy Mortar Floor and Smooth Walls (5632)
Seamless for Food and Beverage (5633)
Prime Guard systems are systems that are installed using brush, roll and spray methods and include both wall, ceiling, floor and structural coating systems. Typically these systems are less than 60 mils.
High Build Epoxy Wall (1100)
Pigmented Epoxy Floor (1110)
Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Wall (1200)
Reinforced Epoxy Wall Smooth (1201)
Steel and Concrete Protective Coating (1320)
Decorative Metallic Floor (1610)
High Traffic Urethane Floor (1611)

Prime Cast systems include all systems that are installed using brush, roll and spray methods and incorporate broadcast aggregates or other decorative fillers into the system to create the finished appearance. They include wall, ceiling and floor coating systems. Theses systems are typically 60-200 mils.
Colored Quartz Floor w/ MMA Topcoat (2010)
Flake Urethane Floor w/ MMA Topcoat (2011)
Solid Color Epoxy Floor (2110)
Solid Color Chemical Resistant Floor (2111)
Solid Color Urethane Concrete Floor (2410)
Colored Quartz Urethane Concrete Floor (2411)
Flake Wall w/ Polyaspartic Topcoat (2601)
Random Flake Wall w/ Polyasp. Topcoat (2602)
Colored Quartz Wall w/ Polyasp. Topcoat (2603)
Colored Quartz Floor w/ Polyasp. Topcoat (2610)
Flake Broadcast Floor (2611)
Random Flake Broadcast Floor (2612)

Prime Flex is our flexible urethane and epoxy systems for walls, ceilings and floors. Any system with elongation properties of 100 percent or greater are considered Prime Flex Systems. The thicknesses of these systems is between 60 and 250 mils.
Solid Color Flexible Wall (4601)
Random or Full Flake Flexible Wall (4602)
Solid or Flake Ureth. Sports Floor (4610)
Flake Urethane Soft Floor (4611)
Fleck Urethane Soft Vet. Floor (4612)
Light Duty Urethane Traffic Surface (4613)
Medium Duty Ureth. Traffic Surface (4614)
Heavy Duty Ureth. Traffic Surface (4615)
Prime Coat Maintenance Products

Prime Coat has developed cleaning products that match the high performance of their systems. Contact your Prime Coat Consultant for the right products for your systems.

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