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Stonhard Floor Coverings and Prime Coat Comparison – What’s the Difference?

Primecoat floor coverings are some of the most trusted in the industry, and they are used in governmental and private building projects worldwide. Even so, there are many other floor coating organizations that also provide incredibly high-quality products and excellent customer service. One of the most respected of these companies is Stonhard coatings. As a part of the RPM International flooring group and one of the only publicly traded floor coating companies in the world, Stonhard products bring excellent returns to its investors and a beautiful finished product.

What is Stonhard Floor Coating?

Frank C. Sullivan is the founder of RPM International, Inc., which is the holding company for a number of high-quality floor coating products. Working predominantly with governmental building projects, RPM International, Inc. owns a number of highly-recognized products, including StonCor, Euclid Chemical, FlowCrete, and Stonhard coatings. Stonhard floor coverings are a prize in the RPM International, Inc. crown, having won numerous awards for excellence and contributing to the $4.1 billion in profits for RPM in 2013 alone.

How Does Primecoat Compare with Stonhard Products?

Both Primecoat and Stonhard floor coatings are leaders in the floor coating industry, providing excellent customer service and award-winning products for a variety of applications. Still there are some key differences between the two companies. One of the most notable is that Stonhard floor coverings belong to a publicly traded company. Their excellent product also commands a high ticket price in order to continue to provide investors with the returns that RPM is so well-known for. This ticket price is good for stockholders, but can make the Stonhard products inaccessible for non-governmental projects.

Why Are Clients Choosing Primecoat Over Stonhard Floor Coating?

Stonhard products have the best quality and customer service of almost any other floor covering company in the world. Still, Primecoat manages to replicate the same high-quality Stonhard coatings, concrete finishes, and seamless systems of at a fraction of the cost. Without the pressure of making a profit to return to stockholders, Primecoat can apply that money to the architects, contractors, and purchasers directly. This gives you an award-winning product at a price that is accessible for virtually any builder.

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