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Seamless System 5130 is a patented process for creating a solid-colored, seamless enclosure for shower walls, ceilings and floors. 5130 features a spray-applied Kevlar and chopped fiberglass-reinforced floor, wall, and ceiling component. The Shower System can be installed quickly, with little downtime, and in a wide array of colors.

The Seamless System is a patented process designed to go over almost any structural substrate. It is applied to walls, floors and ceilings as a single process. 5130 is designed specifically for showers and has set the standard for interior shower finishes in correctional, institutional and educational facilities across the United States and Canada.

Floor: 310/324
Wall and Ceiling: 630/200/400/339/337

leed matrix

500: Polyaspartic urethane, greater UV resistance
509: Aliphatic urethane, superior chemical and abrasion resistance, great color retention, solvent based.
511/512: Waterborne urethane in Gloss, Satin and Matte, very good gloss retention, good chemical and abrasion resistance, LEED compliant

Cove Bases: Included
Colors: Standard Colors

Prime Coat Offers 3 categories of finish textures. Texture A is our smoothest finish. Texture B is our mid-level slip resistant finish and Texture C is our highest level slip resistant finish. Custom texutres can be engineered to meet specific design requirements. A mock up is recommended as the best way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Antimicrobial: Available
Waterproofing Membrane: Available



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