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Seamless 5631


System Description:

SEAMLESS SYSTEM 5631 is a patented process for creating a seamless enclosure for walls, ceilings and floors where sanitation and a bacteria free environment are paramount. 5631 features a ¼” troweled quartz or solid-colored mortar system for flooring and an impenetrable 50 – 60 mil chopped strand fiberglass-reinforced wall and ceiling component. Wall to floor joints are fused with special reinforcing tape and a smooth and seamless transition is formed between the two surfaces. For the utmost in performance, the entire enclosure is sealed over with a UV-resistant polyaspartic coating.

Common Applications:

Primary Lightbox (Thumbnail Image Link to External Image)5631 is a patented process designed to go over almost any structural substrate including panel systems. Because it incorporates a mortar flooring system it can be used to level damaged concrete and create slope. It can also handle high traffic and high point loading. It delivers a slight orange peel texture and provides a completely seamless lining from floor to ceiling and eliminates joints, nooks and cavities. Specific applications include, but are not limited to: animal holding and research, laboratories, chemical processing, corridors, cage wash areas, vivariums, and clean rooms.


Floors: 320 / 321 / 440 or 310 / 324 / 400

Walls and Ceilings: 242 / 630 / 100 / 339 / 200 / 400

System Options:

Cove Bases: Included
Waterproofing Membrane:
500 / 511 / 512


Please use the color chart below as reference for the colors available in this system. For additional or custom system configurations, please contact your Prime Coat Consultant. Please Note: Online colors may vary depending on individual monitor settings. Contact your Prime Coat Consultant for color accurate swatches.

Floors, Walls and Ceilings:


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