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The Safest, Most Durable Floor Coatings for Schools

The Safest, Most Durable Floor Coatings for Schools

Taking care of hundreds of students is no small task. With all the sports, activities and classes, thinking about flooring may be at the bottom of your list. But, what you should know is that the flooring of your school may contribute to the overall health and safety of your school more than you know.

With a simple educational floor epoxy coating or school floor epoxy paint, you will get some coverage. This can help minimize infections, the spread of disease and general wear and tear. Still, an educational floor epoxy can easily be damaged, making space for bacteria, dirt and mold to infiltrate your substructure and permanently scar the underlying concrete. In some cases, new foundational blocks must be re-poured.

In order to make sure your students have the safest, healthiest environment possible, you can’t just cover up flooring problems with a school floor epoxy paint. You need a durable system that will fill in imperfections, withstand heat and bacteria and be easy to clean. There are a few key areas you should consider floor coatings for schools carefully.

Floor Covering for Science Labs

Science lab floors must withstand more than just the pitter-patter of hundreds of feet every school day. Floor coverings for science labs must be able to handle a variety of toxic and corrosive chemicals that it may come in contact with. Developing fluid, reagents and other chemical compounds will eat through a school floor epoxy paint in just a few months, making it necessary to spend additional funds to repair it. A more durable, cohesive floor covering for science labs (like the Prime Cast 2111) is better in the long run.

Floor Coating for Educational Kitchens

Floor coatings for school kitchens may not see as much traffic as hallways, but they bear the brunt of incredible temperature shifts. A school floor epoxy paint may chip and peel under this kind of severe thermal cycling. This makes space for bacteria to infiltrate and may actually affect the safety of the food prepared. A floor system like Prime Cast 2410 can withstand amazing thermal differences and impact. Not only that, it can include a non-slip surface, which makes food preparation safe, sanitary and slip-free.

Floor Coating for Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are another area where bacteria and mold have a tendency to accumulate. A regular educational floor epoxy coating may not be enough to keep the floors, walls and ceilings of this kind of high-risk area from becoming a germ zoo. Instead, a fully-inclusive shower coating system (like the Seamless 5130 Shower System) can eliminate the nooks and crannies where germs hibernate. Non-slip floor coatings can also be added to ensure that the school shower is a safer place for students.


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