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Systems for Research Facilities

Hospital Research Lab

Prime Coat Coating Systems proudly specializes in manufacturing and installing seamless wall and floor coatings in compliance with industry standards for biomedical, medical and animal research facilities. Our seamless systems provide necessary protection from adverse chemical usage (such as lab chemicals, solvents, and acids) in addition to resistance from wear and tear and extreme temperature fluctuations. As required by the Office of Research Facilities (ORF), Prime Coat Coating Systems’ high-performance flooring is slip-resistant, easy-to-clean and maintains durability by eliminating joints, nooks and cavities, furthering chemical resistance and long-term performance.

  • Durability – Our high-performance coatings include a patented process for seamless enclosures and industrial strength solutions where sanitation and bacteria free environments are required as part of industry standards.
  • Safety –With consideration for high traffic and high point loading requirements, our systems are designed to be impact resistant and suitable for repeated cleaning and sanitizing. Optional anti-microbial properties are also available.
  • Low Maintenance – Our systems prevent staining and damage from medically used chemicals, are easy to clean, and lower operating costs.
  • Aesthetic Properties – Where consistency is key, yet change is inevitable, research facilities are consistently impeded to be cost-effective and efficient. Prime Coat Coating Systems meets those challenges by offering high-build decorative systems where durability and aesthetics remain constant.


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Seamless Lab 5630

Vivarium 4611

Animal Research 2602

Clean Room 5630

Autoclave 2601

Research 5632


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Application Gold Floors Silver Floors Gold Walls Silver Walls Gold Seamless Silver Seamless
Clean Rooms 5632 5630
Vivariums 4618 4611 1200 2601 5632 5630
Laboratories 4618 4611 2601 2602 5632 5630
Cage Washes 3412 2010 2601 2602 5632 5630
Autoclaves 3412 2010 2601 2602 5632 5630


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