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Prime Flex 4601


System Description:

PRIME FLEX 4601 is an elastomeric wall coating system that combines the backbone of our epoxy systems with the toughness found in our urethane systems. The result is an energy absorbing wall system that will bend but not break!

Common Applications:

4601 may be installed over a variety of substrates. It may also be installed over damaged concrete. Specific applications include, but are not limited to:
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  • animal hospitals
  • clinics
  • educational recreation areas
  • rehabilitation centers
  • zoos and Hallways

630 / 620 / 339 / 625

System Options:

Cove Bases: Not Available
Antimicrobial: Available
Waterproofing Membrane: Not Available


Please use the color chart below as reference for the colors available in this system. For additional or custom system configurations, please contact your Prime Coat Consultant. Please Note: Online colors may vary depending on individual monitor settings. Contact your Prime Coat Consultant for color accurate swatches.

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