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What is the Perfect Warehouse Floor Covering?

What is the Perfect Warehouse Floor Covering?

Although not all warehouse floors or warehouse floor paints are the same, there are a few different options depending on what you are planning on doing with your warehouse. Whether you are planning on storing, shipping or using your warehouse as a showroom, there are a number of great options to choose from.

The Storage Warehouse Floor

For businesses that are only using their warehouse to store items, the flooring doesn’t need to be impervious to scratches and scrapes. If you need a flooring that can handle low-medium traffic and light forklifts or other machinery, you may be able to simply use an epoxy paint or urethane coating to keep your warehouse space clean, scratch-resistant and waterproof.

These kinds of light-duty warehouse floors should also be chosen for their ability to deal with moderate to heavy traffic. The Prime Guard 1110 is a good example of a storage warehouse floor that can also handle quite a bit of foot and vehicle traffic without losing strength or shine.

The Shipping Warehouse Floor

If you are planning on using your warehouse as a shipping hub, you may need more durability in your floor. Pallets with nails and forklifts with dragging forks will tear up a light-duty urethane floor coating almost faster than you can install it.

In this case, you may need to consider your substrate first. How durable is it? How stable is it? In a shipping warehouse especially, you need a floor that is flat and crack-free to maintain safety standards. You may consider a 100% solids epoxy that will go on smooth over virtually any substrate and can also be enhanced with non-slip surfacing. If you are shipping chemicals, you might also consider a chemically-resistant warehouse floor paint or coating, like the Prime Cast 2111.

The Showroom Warehouse Floor

If you will also be adding the additional layer of customer appreciation, you need a warehouse floor that can be tailored for aesthetics as well as strength. A good showroom warehouse floor paint or coating system should have a deep shine after polishing and give you access to many color combinations. A great example is Prime Cast 2610, which has a gorgeous variety of colors as well as a bright shine that makes warehouses gleam.

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