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What is the Licensee Program

Prime Coat is experiencing growth that comes from a focus on customer satisfaction and value. Every day, architects and engineers are specifying Prime Coat Floor Systems, Wall Systems and our Patented exclusive Seamless Systems, due to our Prime Coat Methodology: “We Make It We Install It!” No finger Pointing.

To better serve strong customer demand, we are building a National network of Licensee’s comprised of the best painting and coatings companies through our Licensee program .


From the CEO

“Prime Coat has chosen to focus its sales and marketing on a few Key Markets, Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, Animal Research and Animal Care. Prime Coat no longer wishes to perform work in any other market and as such wishes to create relationships with 100 Licensee Contractors around the US and Canada who are strong in markets other than the Key Markets listed above. This creates a network of Licensee’s who can benefit from offering unique solutions to the markets they serve while creating a huge differential between themselves and their competitors as they would be the only contractor able to provide Prime Coat solutions to their customers in their territories.”

Chris O’Brien, CEO Prime Coat


We achieve this by seeking out the “best of the best” in the industry. And after a thorough vetting of each potential Licensee we then establish exclusive territories, integrate our Prime Coat Philosophy  into the Licensee’s marketing, provide bid software, “Learn to Earn” field  training programs  as well as field assistance from our own crews. Prime Coat will inspect each  Licensee, to assure that the quality, customer satisfaction and value that  past Prime Coat  clients and new Prime Coat clients  will  be consistent with our own Prime Coat standards.

Ed Green, National Alliance Manager

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