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Prime Coat Coating Systems has specialized in floor, wall and shower systems that meet the demands of today’s correction institutions. We manufacture and install high quality polymer systems that are durable, low maintenance and anti-microbial. We have developed proven systems that overcome the challenges of jails, prisons and correctional institutions across America.

Durable – Our systems hold up to vandalism, heavy traffic, repeated cleaning and sanitizing.

Safe – We can customize our floors with non-slip properties and all of our systems are seamless and pinhole free with optional anti-microbial properties.

Low Maintenance – Our systems are easy to clean, never need waxing and lower your overhead costs.

Decorative – The beauty of our systems are only limited to your imagination.

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Seamless Kitchen

Gang Showers


Seamless Shower



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Application Gold Floors Silver Floors Gold Walls Silver Walls Gold Seamless Silver Seamless
Cells 1600 1100 1600 1100
Intake/Medical 2612 1110 1201 1100
Kitchens 2410 3410 1201 1100
Showers 2610 2611 1200 1201 5130
Day Rooms 4611 1100 4601 1100
Corridors 4611 1100 4602 1100
Loading Docks 3110 2110 1100 1320




“Prime Coat helped us provide added value to the SCORE Project by changing the floor finish from the specified polished concrete to a nice random flake epoxy finish at no additional cost to the Owner. The final product has brightened up the corridors and day rooms and the Owner is very pleased with the final finish.”

Hans E. Hansen, Project Manager – Lydig Construction, Inc.

“I have had the unique opportunity to have worked with Prime Coat Coating Systems for over 5 years on a variety of projects using a variety of Prime Coat’s products. These projects ranged from ground up new construction to extremely difficult renovations inside operating correctional facilities. All of these projects were completed on or ahead of schedule and on or under budget.

Rick Zahner, former Vice President of Construction and Facilities, The GEO Group.

“Prime Coat did an outstanding job for us on the Northwest Detention Center Project under an extremely accelerated schedule. The GEO Group added a tremendous amount of extra work just days prior to receiving inmates and Prime Coat worked day, night, and through the weekend to complete the added epoxy flooring while maintaining their high standards of quality. Our team at Lydig Construction, Inc. believes Prime Coat to be a valued Business Partner and look forward to using them on all our future projects.”

Hans E. Hansen, Project Manager – Lydig Construction, Inc.

Prime Coat installed their products on kitchen floors, walls and ceilings, on shower walls, floors and ceilings, on dayroom and corridor floors and in medical area floors. Their products in my opinion the best on the market and have had no failures to date. Their service and willingness to help resolve problems with existing facility issues is the best in the business. I would recommend Prime Coat to anyone with special coating needs and will definitely continue utilizing their services.”

Rick Zahner, former Vice President of Construction and Facilities, The GEO Group.

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