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Floor Coatings for Commercial Use

Floor Coatings for Commercial Use

At Prime Coat, we have an amazing variety of floor coatings for commercial use. Whether you are building a new retail store, starting a car wash business or creating a food manufacturing area, we have floor coatings for businesses that keep you profitable without costing a fortune.

Not only do we provide floor coatings for commercial use, but we make sure that your floor coating is sealed with top-of-the line products to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Most of our floor sealant for business use is made with high-grade epoxy, polyurethane or a polyaspartic topcoat that eliminates scratching and keeps your floor looking brand new.

We have developed a number of floor coatings for commercial use in specific areas. They are:

Floor Coatings for Auto Shops

If you need a floor coating for your auto business, we have created a line of products just for you. These durable, scratch resistant coverings are designed to cover flaws in the substructure concrete and withstand high pressure and heat.

Floor Coatings for Restaurants

Our line of floor coatings for commercial restaurant use have been designed with form and function in mind. These antibacterial floor coatings can withstand the huge heat fluctuations of a commercial restaurant and can also be made with gorgeous colors that appeal to the most finicky customer.

Floor Coatings for Warehouses

Warehouses and showrooms must look beautiful as well as withstand the daily wear and tear of moving, scraping and dropping. Our selection of floor coatings for businesses includes a selection of highly-durable warehouse coatings that minimize scratching and are impact-resistant.

Floor Coatings for Car Washes

Some of our most popular floor coatings for commercial use are designed specifically for commercial car washes. These floor coating and wall coating systems ensure that water never gets into the substructure of your building and eliminates mold, odors and bacterial buildup.

Floor Coatings for Airports

The selection of floor coatings for businesses like flying are limited. Still, which one you choose can directly affect the safety of your pilots and passengers. We have developed a series of ground coatings for commercial airplane companies that provide long-lasting durability and heat-resistance so that you keep your perfect record of safe landings.

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