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FAQs: Steel-Coating, Fiber-Reinforced Coating, Fiberglass Wall Coating

Although many people think of floors when they think of commercial coating products, there are a couple of applications where coating support structural strength. In the case of steel coating and fiber reinforced coating, buildings, beams, holding tanks, and ships are given strength to withstand the elements for decades.

What is Steel-Coating?

When it comes to protecting steel, there are two major concerns. First, steel-coating should protect structures from rust by using a primer or build coat that halts the oxidation process. Secondly, the topcoat should seal the underlying coatings, and provide both decoration and protection for the lifetime of the structure.

Steel coatings are specifically designed polyurethanes and Flouropolymers that keep out moisture, insulate against electrical galvanizing from the sun or other electrical sources, and neutralize acids that might be caused from pollutants.

What Should a Steel-Coating Be Able to Accomplish?

Depending on climate, type of pollutants present, and type of steel in the structure, the steel coating product must be able to adapt to the needs of the project in question. A good steel-coating must be able to withstand elemental forces such as arid climates with high UV degradation or coastal climates with chlorine saturation and contamination. Steel-coated buildings have a longer lifespan and will be able to remain durable under extreme duress.

What is Fiber-Reinforced Coating?

Over the years, fiber-reinforced plastics have become a common working medium for many water-based and chemical-based applications. From ship-building to chemical treatment plants, fiber-reinforced tanks and hulls have become the norm. Additional reinforcement coatings strengthen and extend the life of reinforced fiber products, and keep them from taking on damage from chemical wear and moisture saturation.

Fiber-reinforced coatings are resin-rich surfacing additives (like polyurethanes and epoxies) that strengthen the shell of a fiber-reinforced plastic structure.

What Should a Fiber-Reinforced Coating Be Able To Accomplish?

A fiber-reinforced coating should keep moisture and contaminants from damaging the plastic fiber core of the protected material. Without the addition of a fiber-reinforced coating, boats would take on moisture, causing the surface to “blister.” As fiber reinforced coatings were added, the additional support from the coating eliminated the blistering and provided more stability for the life span of the boat.

In chemical and waste treatment plants, fiber-reinforced holding tanks are required to have an additional level of coating in order to keep water safe from contaminants. While it is possible to use an in-production gelcoat (a protective additive included at the time of the tank pressing), an additive-free resinous product is safer and provides more chemical resistance. This means that fiber reinforced coatings are a necessity for safer, cleaner treatment of chemicals and wastewater.

Block Wall Fiberglass Coat

Block walls are relatively inexpensive to install and can provide excellent thermal controls if done correctly. However, they need an additional layer of strength, support, and moisture control in order to be stable over time. In order to provide these attributes, it is necessary to invest in a block wall fiberglass coat. In a block wall fiberglass coat, a fiberglass mat is incorporated into an epoxy coating system. This blocks moisture and bacteria, while providing additional stability for the block wall itself.

What Should Block Wall Fiberglass Coating Be Able to Accomplish?

A block wall fiberglass coat system should not only minimizes damage from water and mold, but provide additional surface strength and shock-resistance. In addition, the smooth layering effect of the epoxy topcoat should make the block wall fiberglass coat easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

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