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FAQs: Best Concrete Wall Coatings and Flexible Wall Coatings

When people think of concrete coating systems, they often think of floors. Still, there are many instances when a wall can be supported and enhanced with the right type of concrete wall coatings or concrete wall finishes. In fact, a concrete wall coatings can make walls more flexible, more durable, and more water-tight, simply through applying an epoxy wall paint, a concrete wall finish, or a concrete wall sealer. Even if your walls aren’t concrete, there are a number of flexible wall coatings, like wall epoxy, that can give your walls longevity and strength.

Concrete Wall Sealer and Concrete Wall Finishes

One of the first things you should consider is a concrete wall sealer. A concrete wall sealer is the best way to ensure that no moisture is leaking through the porous material and damaging the additional layers of material. A concrete wall sealer also is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your internal air quality is good, as it will stop bacteria from forming on the concrete slab. This guarantees that your wall doesn’t have any nooks or crannies that bacteria can hide in, which can lead to cracking, splitting, or crumbling of your concrete wall in later years.

A concrete wall finish can provide additional support for your wall after the wall epoxy or other resin has been installed over the primer layer. Concrete wall finishes add gloss and abrasion-resistance to the resinous material, in addition to waterproofing and sometimes pigment.

Concrete Wall Epoxy, Kevlar, and Urethane

Once your concrete wall sealer is in place, you must determine what kind of coatings will be necessary for your structure. The types of concrete wall coatings you choose should depend on the moisture levels, heat levels, and impact potential for your walls. Some of the most common choices for concrete wall coatings are:

Seamless 5130 – In this fully-inclusive wall, floor, and ceiling system, Kevlar is applied in a continuous stream. This gives you a perfectly waterproofed area for showers or locker rooms that completely eliminates cracks and seams where bacteria can lurk. The fiberglass reinforced floor also provides additional support for the system.

Prime Armor 3600 – This is a wall system designed for installation over clean concrete. As a high-gloss, thick concrete wall covering, it will mask surface imperfections in the underlying concrete. This is also a polymer mortar system, which gives the wall additional support and strength, increasing the impact-resistance dramatically.

Prime Flex 4601 This is one of our most flexible wall coatings, as it is a combined epoxy wall system and a durable urethane system. The combination of the epoxy wall elements and the urethane components create an energy-absorbing concrete wall coating that is flexible, but holds up under the most stressful impact.

Other Flexible Wall Coatings and Unique Substrate Solutions

If you have a wall made from something that is not concrete, there are several traditional and flexible wall coatings that are designed for unique applications. Primecoat offers wall coverings for substrates like wood, gypsum board, or metal. Some of the most common choices for non-concrete walls are:

Prime Case 2603 – This is another wall epoxy system, but it has the added benefit of a polyaspartic wall finish that increases its resistance to abrasion and impact. Designed to be installed over a variety of substrates, including gypsum wallboard, wood, and concrete blocks, this decorative quartz system is both beautiful and durable.

Prime Guard 1200 – Designed to handle the highest levels of thermal shock and impact, this system relies on Kevlar and fiberglass reinforced resins to create a waterproof wall that will last a lifetime. It can be installed over a variety of common building materials, and remains one of the most popular choices for highly taxing commercial, industrial, and chemical environments.

Prime Guard 1320 – In this wall system, a base layer of wall epoxy is just the beginning of the installation process. There is an additional epoxy wall paint that acts as a finish to the wall, making this product one of the best for resisting saltwater erosion, chemical deterioration, and abrasion. In addition, the wall epoxy coupled with the epoxy wall paint, gives two layers of thermal protection, which allows this wall system to be useful at very low temperatures.

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