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Dexotex Floor Coatings and Prime Coat – What’s the Difference?

Primecoat has made a place at the top of the residential, commercial, industrial and governmental floor covering industry. Even so, there are a number of alternatives for companies who are looking for a unique customer service experience or style of application. One of these choices is Dexotex floor coverings. Established as a marine coating business, Dexotex flooring has grown into a huge company that offers cutting-edge products for almost every application.

What are Dexotex Floor Coverings?

In the early 1930’s, a British chemist by the surname of Crossfield began formulating compounds that combined rubber and cement to create sloping underlays for oceanic vessels. The company, which later became Crossfield Products Corp., was forced to restructure after rubber was rationed during WWII. To adapt to this new pressure, in addition to capitalizing on the newly-developed polymer creation technology, Crossfield developed a polymer-rich concrete for interior and exterior protection of Navy ships. This new line of polymer products was named Dexotex floor coverings. Eventually, it expanded to include new chemical compounds like Urethane Concrete, Polyaspartic, and Polyurea.

How Does Primecoat Compare with Dexotex Floor Coatings?

Both Dexotex floor coatings and Primecoat offer the most advanced options when it comes to floor, wall, and ceiling covering systems. Each of them have created specific applications that meet a variety of needs – from marine protection to correctional facilities.

On the other hand, there are differences between these two companies. While Dexotex flooring belongs to a group of more traditional coating specialists that cropped up prior to WWII, Primecoat is a part of a younger, more technology-oriented generation of chemists and coating professionals. In addition, Primecoat has a commitment to customer satisfaction that last far beyond the purchase and installation process. Dexotex flooring often acts as a product provider only, leaving customers to haggle with contractors if something unexpected happens during the installation process.

Why Are People Choosing Primecoat Over Dexotex?

While Dexotex floor coatings are an important part of the prime coating community, Primecoat offers architects and contractors a high-quality solution that comes with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only that, but Primecoat is always looking for the most innovative and tested products to bring new features to their floor coating products. This means that your building benefits from the most advanced technical knowledge and professional experience, giving you a beautiful product that is guaranteed to please for years to come.

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