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Should You Choose Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Industrial Site?

Commercial sites must have industrial prime coatings that will allow your site to withstand the pressure and stress of everyday use. Often, industrial floors must be able to support heavy machinery, chemical compounds and foot traffic that many other commercial floors don’t. In order to meet the needs of industrial wear and tear, many businesses are turning to epoxy floor coverings to provide...

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Floor Coverings for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Creating a safe, OSHA-approved manufacturing facility for your pharmaceutical company can sometimes be tricky. In addition to the requirements for equipment, raw materials and packaging standards, you must also meet the stringent qualifications for a production facility floor that keeps your final product pure. In order to choose the pharmaceutical lab floor coating, there are a few important...

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Choosing the Perfect Kennel Floor Covering

Housing the animals in your veterinary clinic is an important, often-messy job. Whether they are there for a couple of hours or are your overnight guests, spills, accidents and emergencies can leave your kennels covered in biological material that can cause infections in other patients. It is vital that you choose a kennel floor covering that is easy-to-clean, durable and has your four-legged...

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Prime Coating for Home Use

Mold, mildew, oil and dirt can stain your floors and diminish the value of your home. That’s why Prime Coat Flooring Systems has created a line of products that is perfect for residential use. Our prime floor coatings, sealants and paints can keep your home flooring safe and beautiful for years to come. With the help of our patented epoxy, polyurethane, polymer and polyaspartic compounds, your...

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Prime Coatings for Clinical and Veterinary Use

There are a lot of elements that you consider when you have patients’ best health in mind. Having a bacteria-free zone that is easy to clean and resistant to chemical and scratching is vital for healthy procedural results. We have devised several high-quality floor coatings that give your practice the ultimate control over how much flexibility, scratch-resistance and durability your flooring...

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Quick Guide to Urethanes and Polyurethanes

Many people are unaware of how many urethanes they interact with every day. In fact, some don’t even know that there is a difference between polyurethanes and urethanes at all. Although these two chemical compounds are based on the same core components, these two floor coatings, polyurethane floor coating and urethane floor coating, require very different application processes and are better...

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