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Substrate Preparation

Substrate Preparation

Proper preparation of the substrate to be coated is often the most critical step in achieving long term coating performance. This crucial step is often misunderstood, trivialized, out-sourced or omitted completely by others in the industry. Prime Coat has the expertise to prepare your substrate properly to conform with NACE, SSPC and ICRI standards. We use a variety of preparation techniques including abrasive, soda, dry ice, shot, grit and soft media blasting, dustless diamond cutting and grinding, and water jetting and cleaning. Our expertise allows us to achieve the required level of preparation while minimizing the negative impact to the work area.

High-Pressure Water Blasting

Used where abrasive blasting is not the best solution and dust cannot be tolerated.

Soft Media Blasting

Used to control dust, with the combined feature of creating an anchor profile.

Air Nozzle Abrasive Blasting

For those surfaces that require high production, coupled with an anchor profile.

Centrifugal Wheel Abrading

For high speed, dustless floor preparation.

Sodium Bicarbonate

An environmentally friendly cleaning method.

Dust-Free Diamond Cutting and Grinding

Dustless concrete preparation for small, hard to reach areas.

Dry Ice Blasting

Allows for surface preparation without abrasive residue. The prepared surface can be coated immediately.

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