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3 Major Problems with Automotive Floor Coatings and How to Fix Them

3 Major Problems with Automotive Floor Coatings and How to Fix Them

Automotive floor coverings must be durable, scratch-resistant and able to withstand tons of pressure. As the main workspace for your auto shop, it is vital that your automotive floor covering be chosen for its ability to meet the needs of a fast-paced shop.

Still, not every garage floor coating is right for every business. Although a large, commercial operation might require a thick floor epoxy coating for auto shops, a smaller business might be able to get away with a painted concrete floor for auto work. Depending on how much business you do, and what kind of wear and tear your shop floor undergoes, you need a personalized garage floor coating system that fits your particular needs.

Problem 1: Slippery Concrete

Even if you add a floor epoxy coating for auto shops, you still might end up with a slippery floor that makes your business a safety hazard. In addition, some non-slip coatings may make it difficult for you to easily clean your new floor. The best choice for dealing with slippery painted concrete floors is by choosing a hard urethane garage floor coating. A good option is Prime Guard 1611, which is three times harder than a quartz-filled system in addition to specific non-slip formulation.

Problem 2: High Cost

One of the biggest things to consider is cost. Especially if you are a small automotive shop, cost can make a huge difference in the kind of quality you can afford. The cheapest option is to install a painted concrete floor for auto shops. Unfortunately, these painted concrete floors for auto shops must be touched up regularly and can end up looking sloppy. Instead, you might consider a pigmented floor epoxy coating and broadcast system for auto shops like Prime Cast 2110. It’s a cost-effective alternative to some of the more expensive systems.

Problem 3: Unstable Substrate

When you are building an automotive floor upon a substrate that is weak or unstable, you should consider a garage floor coating that will enhance your floor’s strength and longevity. In this case, a painted concrete floor for auto purposes is not going to do the job. You should instead consider a urethane flooring system which is impact, abrasion and heat resistant. A great option is one like the Prime Cast 2411.

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